Tomas Danielis


My solo is a research on themes of Postdramatic Theatre and Liquid Matrix. I research where me as a person and me as a character – if such exists, have a place in theatre and dance. I am looking for reasons why certain things in art– as character, story, dramaturgical build up, etc. – are perceived as outdated. I am interested if character is really dead  and contemporary dance–theatre is story free, or if it is just misunderstanding. I am sensitive what words represent  and mean. I often hear them. I ask myself if I do actually need to represent anything on stage, what do we represent, for which purpose? Is not representing creating character and actions, while I represent, actually story? T. Danielis

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Concept and Performing: T. Danielis

Tomas Danielis, geboren in der Slowakei, arbeitete als künstlerischer Leiter der Bühnenwerkstatt Graz von 2007 bis 2009, aber auch immer wieder österreichweit an verschiedenen Orten; zurzeit vor allem in Wien im WUK und projektorientiert mit Willi Dorner.

9. April 2010, 21.00 Uhr, Im_flieger