TdU Wien (Theater der Unterdrückten)

Foto: TdU Wien

The remains of the East

What does this make me?

The idea came out of the wish to reconstruct our past as persons who lived in Communism, to revise the meaning of our evolution as individuals and to understand why we are now as we are.

The focus lies on the history written on our bodies and on the marks dictatorship leaves on skin, and mind; the inscription of the political system on our personalities, and how the lives of individuals, and their sensibility were modelled by it. What does it mean to build on ‘lack’, to build on nothing but expect it to function?
Our work is based on our common experience growing up in communist regimes in East Germany and Romania, on sharing life stories and trying to question our present stand by confronting ourselves with past history.

TdU Wien:
Angelique Lehmann – East Germany
Alina Serban – Romania
Alex Mirutziu – Romania

10. April 2010, 20.00 – 21.00 Uhr, Im_flieger