Felipe Salazar

Foto: Felipe Salazar

Ophelia Is Not Dead


Ophelia Is Not Dead is a project created at the international dance festival ImpulsTanz in Vienna (Austria), 2008, where 68 young artist from 35 countries- winners of the prestigious DanceWeb Scholarship Programme- met and worked together.

The first Ophelia Is Not Dead was created by Izabela Chlewińska. A festival followed. Several performances of the same title from different parts of the world. Artists from Sweden, Serbia, Hungary, Great Britain, Costa Rica and USA premiered their work at Kdejmek Theater in Łodz (Poland).

This extraordinary event was the beginning of a long and exciting journey of the international project Ophelia Is Not Dead that took it to Prisma Forum, Mexico among many other places.

Choreography: Felipe Salazar Hidalgo
Music: Herbert Pascher (Violoncello)

10. April 2010, 13.00 – 14.00 Uhr, Museum