eject: Clélia Colonna/Charlotta Ruth/Adriana Cubides + Guests

Foto: Clélia Colonna

fan-mania || junk freak & friends orchestra

Performative Installation

scream. frame. hysteria. pop music.

fan-mania is a title that links several ideas where we explore fanatic behaviour away from it’s context.

Our point of entrance has to do with collective energy and joy. Something that generates movement and emotions, pushes away everyday life and stimulates states beyond moral control. Frames and interfaces that allow people to overcome social codes, to give into physicality or share one’s intimate dreams.

The fan-mania exploration started last year by digging into images of Beatles fans at the Shea Stadium Concert in NYC, 1965 (first stadium concert and climax of beatlesmania). Our first installation was presented in the frame of ‚We do it by hearts’ at tanzquartier Wien in December 09.

Freitag, 9. April, 19.00 – 22.00,  Museumsraum rechts